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Welcome to the Coaches Corner, Here you will find resources that will help you in setting up training plans, show places where you can get ideas, Gain more training resources and see the types of coaching levels with NQ.

The KNEE Program is an on court warm up program designed to enhance movement efficiency and prevent injury.

The program targets three specific player groups – junior, recreational and elite level athletes, with different exercises tailored to match the predicted capabilities of each group.

The KNEE Program has been designed to educate athletes, coaches and support staff.

Netball Queensland's Coach Accreditation Pathway

Coach Accreditation Pathway

Netball Queensland is committed to creating a world class coaching environment. To achieve this, we provide both accredited and non-accredited workshops that cater to the needs of coaches at all levels.

For a copy of Netball Australia’s 2018 National Coach Accreditation Framework - Please Click Here

Keeping Your Accreditation

Coaching logbook

Click here to download a PDF version of the Coaching Update Logbook which you may wish to keep for your own records. Information regarding prospective updating workshops/clinics can be found on the NQ website under Get Involved >Coaching > Coaching Workshops.  Coaches may also complete free online units such as Selecting, Expecting Respect, Getting to Know NetSetGO.

How many points do I need to update my accreditation?

Netball Australia requires a coach to reach the specified number of points of updating activity for each accreditation level as listed below:

Foundation Accreditation Attain Development OR Complete 20 points in 4 years Development Accreditation Attain Intermediate OR Complete 40 points in 4 years Intermediate Accreditation Attain Advanced OR Complete 60 points in 4 years Advanced Accreditation Attain Elite OR Complete 80 points in 4 years Elite Accreditation Attain High Performance OR Complete 100 points in 4 years High Performance Accreditation Complete 120 points in 4 years

Please note:  It is important you have only ONE MyNetball account.  This is particularly relevant for Accreditations and Updating.

Please contact karen.topp@netballq.org.au for further information.


More resources can be downloaded via Netball Australia - Click Here