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Gladstone Rep Netball

What is representative netball?

Rep Team players are selected from clubs across the association. These players will be ambassadors for both the Association and their individual Club and play netball at various carnivals under the Association banner and uniform.
The players have a great opportunity to improve their netball skills, make new friends and have of lots fun during the year. They also gain confidence and experience playing against other teams from all over Queensland.

How do I become a Rep Player?

REP Trials

This year we are selecting a squad (13) at the first lot of Trials. The squad will train together for 3 weeks and will retrial to bring the team numbers to 10 players and 3 Shadows

First trial Day to Select squads!

  • Dates to be Confirmed
  • ******* We are looking at TWO teams per age group********
  • One Team will Do State Titles and the Other team will develop and attend Rep Carnivals in our Region.

Second Trial Date only for Squad to retrial.

  • Dates to Be Confirmed

Rep Commitment 

What is the level of Commitment that is expected?

  • Two to Three times a week training plus home based fitness training 
  • Donating 5 hours of time back to the association, (Coaching, Umpiring etc)
  • 100% Commited to all trainings and events. (Rockhampton Rep Weekend, Bundaberg Rep weekend, Cap Coast Rep Weekend and State Titles)
  • We expect that you will wear our colours and name with pride and dignity
  • To travel with the team, Unless you meet strict criteria set out in contracts

REP Dates 2019
  • State Titles - 3rd to 7th July
  • Rockhampton Rep Carnival - TBC
  • Cap Coast Rep Carnival - TBC
  • Bundaberg Rep Carnival - TBC